Wine Couture: Clothes for Gifts of Wine

Wine Couture by Karmic Chaos

I love giving bottles of wine as gifts. I hate the options for “wrapping” them. Bags that are too expensive, garish, and even boring are a waste. It’s troubled me for some time and I decided to do something about it.

Wine Couture by Karmic Chaos

Wine Couture: Clothes for Wine Bottles

A lot of people display pretty bottles of wine so why not dress up run of the mill bottles too? Isn’t it more fun to give personalized options for special occasions? Maybe wine in a wedding dress for a bridal shower or a sundress for a summer barbecue, try wine couture to dress up your next gift of wine!

Wine Couture - Sundress

Perhaps a cute little plaid shirt and overalls?

Wine Couture - Overalls

Thanks to a delightful challenge presented by one of my customers I am proud to announce that I have a new option available for my Wine Couture line.  Check out my medical jacket wine cozy!!

Wine Couture: Medical Coat

Available for custom order via my Etsy store here.