The Ups and Downs of Summer Reading

Summer Reading

My kids are at that age where summer reading is no longer a suggestion, it’s a requirement.

In my house, I’ve got both ends of the spectrum when it comes to summer reading. My daughter not only loves it, she takes detailed notes on on each chapter to prepare for beginning of the year assignments. Conversely, my son is still struggling to read his choice book (Fart Powder) and plans to rely on his memory when he returns to school in August. Autumn is thrilled to read every day. It is a fight to get Maddox to read at all. This is not a new situation but it is far worse in summer than during the school year. Do you have this problem?

We have set reading times every day – no electronics or playing outside or friends over or anything until reading is done. It’s not the most popular thing with my son, but, necessary. I get a lot of “I know I have to do it” and “I’m on top of it” yet he has not completed a single book this summer. I’m not particular about what he reads, I leave options wide open so long as he reads and can recap what he reads to us. Still, the constant fight to get him to put the reading time in is a drain.

What do YOU do to make summer reading work for your kids? Please, share in the comments!

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Summer Reading Programs

It’s the midpoint of the summer but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to join a reading program. We have several that we like to participate in every year and sadly, some that my daughter is too old for.

Half Price Books – During the months of June and July, kids can track their reading minutes and turn in completed forms for a coupon to use in store. It’s a great deal and the selection is always fantastic.

Barnes & Noble – Kids track books they complete over the course of the summer and turn completed forms in for a book. Once you’ve completed 6th grade you are no longer eligible. Autumn is very sad about this.

Scholastic – We are not participating this year but we did last year. Track minutes and books you read to participate in a school versus school competition.

Local Library – Our local library system does this fantastic program every year with lots of coupons and raffles for prizes. Each kid also receives a free book for completing a set number of minutes (this year it is 700). My chart is complete (1000 minutes), Autumn is almost done, Maddox is plugging along.

Can you think of more? Share them with us. It’s definitely NOT too late to get started! Take an adventure without even leaving your house!

Summer Reading