Upcycle – Two Chairs to Boho Bench

Check out this Upcycle project! I have been slowly, steadily redecorating my bedroom into a boho theme. It’s cheap, colorful, and FUN so it fits. Thanks to chalk paint, I have been having WAY too much fun in a seriously budget-friendly way!


Two parsons style chairs

Chalk paint, clear wax, and brushes

Dense foam

Fabric of your choice (4-5 yards total) and matching thread

Heavy Duty Staples and Staple Gun

Sewing machine

The Upcycle

Okay, I made this up as I went along so bear with me. I started with two chairs like this that I scored on clearance at Walmart for $27 each.

Using awesome chalk paint ($6.99 on sale at JoAnn), I painted the legs a cool teal color.

See, painted versus not painted – big difference!

After two coats and an overcoat of clear wax (also $6.99 on sale at JoAnn), I could flip them upright and add my foam (okay, this was a touch pricier but I had a 50% off coupon so my piece was approximately $30).


I had to trim the foam down just a bit – a serrated knife works GREAT! Just to improve stability, I covered the whole bottom with muslin, tacking it in place with a staple gun.

Then, it got REALLY fun! The kids helped me pick out fabrics – in 1/2 yard increments. I cut them into two different sizes to create patchwork!

Awesome fabrics + Fun with the Kids


Yielded this!!!

Using my trusty staple gun, I covered the bottom of my bench with this awesome patchwork cover!

But, I wasn’t done. This didn’t complete the image I had in my head so I set out to make a VERY unique back for my bench…one that went along with my theme AND preferred decor.


This is my final piece!

The kids LOVE sitting on this now and it looks GREAT in my bedroom. If you have questions about this upcycle project, email at kharmicchaos@gmail.com!