DIY Upcycle: Baggy Old Sweater to Skirt!

Sweater Skirt

Do you have baggy sweaters gathering dust but you aren’t ready to part with them? How about giving them new life as skirt?

What You Need

Old Sweater
Sewing Machine
Embellishments (optional)
baggy old sweater

How to Make the Skirt

Make these cuts. You will only use the main part of the sweater, the rest can be set aside.
Make these cuts to see the skirt
Fold over the top to make a casing for the elastic, insert elastic, and finish it off. I added a bit of eyelet as a ruffle on this one:
Finished Argyle Skirt
This one has two appliqués (from the clearance bin!):
Finished sweater skirt with appliqué
My daughter loves how this looks with a pair of leggings and a cute tee!