Life Lesson: Twitter IS NOT Tinder

Twitter NOT Tinder

If you’re looking for a date, use Tinder. If you’re looking to market your work, socialize, or just in general have a little social interaction, use Twitter.

This should not be a difficult concept but the more time I spend on Twitter, the more frustrated I become. Don’t get me wrong,  I love twitter. It’s fast, snappy, and fun. I use it to promote my blogs, my books, my crafts, and those of my network as well. It’s a fantastic marketing tool right at my fingertips, but lately, it’s become something more and I’m not sure what the problem is.  Lately, my private message box is being overloaded with  men trying to “get to know” me.

I’m sorry, does my profile say “looking for love.” Nope. Is there anything about looking for sex? No again. So what is this trend? Why do guys feel it is okay to load my Twitter inbox with (sometimes vulgar) pick up lines like it’s a bar?

My Options Regarding Unwanted Twitter Messages

  • Ignore. This is the route I generally choose.
  • Respond politely that I use twitter to operate my businesses. This is apparently offensive because why in the world would I NOT be interested in getting to know these guys or being their “chat mates?” I mean, I’m a single parent working my tail off to get my kids what they need, operate two blogs, freelance write, and work on my own books while managing the house on my own. Sure, let me put all that aside so you can tell me how much you love my smile and tweet sweet nothings to me. But honestly, these guys are OFFENDED by this.
  • Mute or Unfollow. Now that I can mute people, I exercise that option like nobody’s business. But, I have unfollowed people because of their persistence.

The Problem

Why is it on me to take these actions? I mean, sometimes I don’t even know it’s going in this direction until it’s too late. Honestly. I don’t want to be awful or turn off other bloggers and single parents. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, in case you can’t tell by this post. For me, it comes down to the same principles as my views on sexual assault.

We keep telling our girls to cover up and protect themselves but we should ALSO be teaching our boys NOT to assault women. In fact, I don’t believe it comes down to gender at all. We need to teach every kid that their body is their own and nobody has a right to touch it without their permission and vice versa. If people have no problems doing this on Twitter (and yeah, I’ve got my fair share of naked ladies propositioning me as well), then that’s a problem.

Twitter NOT Tinder

The Bottom Line on Twitter

If you want a date, check out Tinder or one of the other online dating options. Otherwise, put it back in your pants, folks.