Sewing a Button on a Shirt Tutorial

sewing on a button

You have a job interview in an hour but as you’re getting ready, a button falls off the front of your shirt! Whatever will you do? Never fear, this handy little tutorial on sewing a button on a shirt will bail you out! As mentioned earlier this month, I intend to share a few simple tutorials for skills everybody should learn!

Finding The Button

We have a collection of buttons in our house comprised of all the extra buttons that have come with clothes over the years. I store them in a little container with our sewing materials in case we ever need one. However, in this case, we are doing a repair on a men’s dress shirt so we harvest the button from another part of the shirt!

Missing a button? How to fix it
Oh no! A button is missing!

In this case, we are taking one of the extras from the cuff.

Sewing a button tutorial
Steal a button from the cuff


Sewing a Button on a Shirt

1. Thread your needle with a decent length of thread and knot it at the end.

Thread the needle and tie it off at the end

2. From the back of the shirt, poke the needle through in the spot where the button used to be.

replacing a missing button

3. Drop the button on to the needle and slide it all the way down so it is flush against the shirt.

replace a missing button

4. Put your needle through the hole diagonal from the one you started with.

how to sew on a button

5. Pull tight.

button sewing tutorial

6. Push your needle through one of the open holes.

sewing on a button

7. Put it back through the hole diagonal from it to form an ‘x’ over the button.

Sewing on a button tutorial

8. Repeat steps 4-7 to reinforce and secure the button.

9. Finish off your stitching by sliding your needle through the threads at the backside of the shirt.

sewing on a button tutorial

10. Cut the excess off leaving a few inches to tie off.

Sewing on a button tutorial

11. Tie off your thread ends.

sewing on a button how to sew on a button

12. Cut off the tails of the thread and you’re ready to go! Good as new!

how to replace a missing button

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