Transformation Tale Update – End of Month Two

Trace's Transformation Tale

It’s been two months since I posted my plan for my Transformation Tale. I celebrate my 39th birthday this Thursday which means I have just over a year to meet my goals. The good news is that I’m legitimately developing new habits since I’ve gone more than 21 days in a row with most of my goals!

Transformation Tale: Body Goals

Outwardly, I’ve not noticed a lot of physical changes. I may have lost a few pounds but as noted before, I’m trying not to focus on the numbers on the scale. In the month of August, I’ve only failed to hit 10,000 steps one day and I don’t feel bad about that day because it meant something to my daughter. That one day, August 8th, I took a backseat to my kids and I don’t regret that one day when I’ve managed to sustain the rest of the month.

I admit to slacking off a little on drinking water. Not that I completely skipped it, just didn’t drink enough. I have no excuses other than neglecting my water intake. Yoga is not a consistent part of my routine yet but I am working in the cardio/fat-burning exercise regularly. Of course, this means I feel a lot better overall even if the results are not apparent yet. I probably do need to sleep more than I do, but, hello, I’m a parent!

Transformation Tale: Work & Creativity

This is where I’m noticing the most progress. Being honest, morning pages are the single most important thing I do every day. It’s my chance to work through the yucky stuff before getting started on my day. I dump my thoughts into a notebook and move on. It is a win-win for helping me work through tough spots.

I read every day. In fact. I’m back on track with my Goodreads challenge (more than 70 books under my belt for the year) and again, I’m noticing the changes in how I work. While I am not reviewing every book I read, most of them are written up on my BooksByViolet Blog if you are interested. I even include links to the books in case you want to pick them up too.

As for writing, I am working on two new projects while trying to complete two nearly-there books. I am in final edits for Immortal Machinations II and Wallflower Diaries II which means I should have two new releases in the next few months.

Trace's Transformation Tale

Overall, I feel like things are going really well and while I’d like to see more physical changes, I’m going to be happy with what is happening and how I feel. Cheers!