Autumn’s Thorin Oakenshield Costume

My kids continue to challenge me with their costume choices. This year, Autumn has select Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit. Oy.


I thought this would be impossible because of the cost but, with a little creativity and repurposing, it’s possible.

Leather Coat I used for Bellatrix Lestrange
Leather Coat I made for Bellatrix Lestrange
My sister's old maid of honor dress
My sister’s old maid of honor dress


Scraps of fabrics
Scraps of fabrics



Oy. I actually drew the pattern on her sleeves and chest with a silver fabric marker (or three).
Detail of Thorin's Armor
Detail of Thorin’s Armor


This is the corset/top from my sister’s bridesmaid dress. I took it in and tailored it for Autumn to wear over a sweatshirt (it’s always cold on Halloween here).

The Jacket/Layers

The first layers
The first layers

I cut the sleeves off of the Bellatrix jacket, reused some of those pieces to give the jacket shape, and then added fur.

Finished Thorin Oakenshield Costume