The 10th Doctor costume

The 10th Doctor

My son settled on the 10th doctor and I have to say, it is a fitting costume.  He wanted me to dress as the TARDIS or a Dalek to go with him but I declined.  It was the easier of the two to create so I am grateful to him for being so thoughtful…he he.

Finished 10th Doctor Costume
Finished 10th Doctor Costume


I managed to get the shoes at the Converse outlet for $20 and other than the sonic screwdriver, they were the most expensive part of the costume.

The suit, shirt, and tie were thrift store purchases – $19 in total – and big enough that he can wear them for some upcoming conventions we are looking to attend.

I made the trench coat with some excess fabric I had in my collection.  It was a bit tricky since the only pattern I had was Simplicity 5386 (Adult Male, The Matrix knock off costume pattern) and I needed to seriously size it down.  On top of that, I had to literally create the collar and alter the neckline.  It doesn’t lay as well as I would like but he loves it and the overall effect works.

The sonic screwdriver can be found at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, and honestly, if you Google 10th doctor sonic screwdriver there are several results.