TARDIS fez and TARDIS top hat

We are heading to Louisville next weekend to show off our amazing Doctor Who outfits. While there, we get to meet Matt Smith (for all non-Whovians, he is the 11th Doctor)!!!!  Matt Smith is Autumn’s favorite Doctor so she decided to make a TARDIS fez to give to him.  Thanks to Tally’s Treasury for giving us an awesome jumping off point for our fez!  Here are pics from the process….


Fez pattern pieces, fabric, and cereal box

This was Autumn’s project so I let her use the glue gun for the first time. Of course, I held it steady and supervised the whole process.

Gluing the fez together

Autumn decorated it because it is SOOOO much better for her to give something handmade!

Autumn's Embellishments


A Key on top of the TARDIS Fez

The TARDIS Top Hat

I tend to wear top hats with my costumes and this TARDIS dress is no different!

The pieces of the TARDIS top hat


Assembled TARDIS top hat
I embellished with scrapbooking materials, beading materials, lace, and feathers. This one is small so I will attach it to a headband to wear.
View 1 TARDIS top hat
View 2 TARDIS top hat


View 3 TARDIS top hat


View 4 TARDIS top hat