Gifted Kids Mantra

Summer Reading for Gifted Kids

Everybody knows, loves, and/or remembers summer reading for school. For summer reading, at my school at least, we are told to read a book of our choosing as well as a book that the school picks. Now, as a middle schooler we get to choose one of four different books. This year, because I am Read More

National Parenting a Gifted Child Week

National Parenting a Gifted Child Week

The third week of July has been named National Parenting a Gifted Child Week. I’m grateful that people are starting to recognize the challenges of raising gifted children. Sure, having a gifted child is a good thing, a great thing really. I’m not complaining at all. However, it’s nice to know that other people understand Read More

Autumn as Steampunk Lady Gepetto

Academic Acceleration: A Parent’s Perspective

Parenting is tough and education is one of the biggest challenges these days. When it comes to academic acceleration, there is a lot of advice out there.  How do you determine what’s right for you and your family? Settle in, this is going to be a long one, but I promise, it will be worthwhile. Please keep Read More