DIY T-shirt Rug

DIY T-shirt Rug

I have seen several versions of these at craft shows, art fairs, and on PINTEREST of course.  I took a little bit from everything I’ve seen and read and created our own version of a T-Shirt Rug.

What You Need

1 baby blanket (cut in half, one for the pictured rug and one to be used for a second rug)

10 t-shirts (we used a variation of long-sleeved and short-sleeved, kids and adult sizes)

How We Made It

Cut the hemmed edge off the blanket (it’s too thick).

The time consuming part:  cut the t-shirts into strips. Here are three of the piles with a sample strip of each one.  Each strip is 1-1 1/2″ wide by approximately as long as a pencil (we wanted ours to be rather shaggy).


I made the cuts in the blanket so that they would be evenly spaced, or close enough.

Then, the long part (and the reason it took two days to do this…. threading the pieces and tying them off.  Make sure that the pieces overlap as shown below.

This rug will be my daughter’s and is made with white, black, purple, and teal  t-shirts.  We will be making one for my son as well (when we get some more t-shirts together!

Finished T-Shirt Rug

DIY T-shirt Rug
It took some time but we are pleased with the outcome.  Autumn has it by her bed and she likes how soft it is.  I like that it is machine washable!