Subscription Service Review: Owlcrate

Roseblood Owlcrate Box

Have you heard about Owlcrate?

We’ve tried a few subscription services and none of them have really stuck – until now. Autumn is in love with Owlcrate and all that it has to offer. It’s about the books, of course, but there’s so much more involved. It is now Autumn’s go-to gift request for every occasion and I completely understand the draw.

What You Get With Owlcrate

Like I said, it’s more than getting a book every month. Each box includes a variety of cool little bookish gifts ranging from bath bombs to Funko figurines. Recent boxes even include custom covers for only Owlcrate subscribers! There are contests every month for people to post on a variety of platforms to share their unboxings with the world. Awesome, right?

Here is a picture of one of Autumn’s first boxes:

Roseblood Owlcrate Box
Roseblood Owlcrate Box

Owlcrate is actually where Autumn found Of Fire and Stars, one of her favorite books to date. While we have not read all of the books we’ve received, we’re working away at them and Autumn refuses to skip a box if the book sounds interesting. Since starting with Owlcrate late last year, we’ve only skipped two boxes (one a Pirate story and the other a teen romance).


It may seem a little pricey to some but we know our books and our products. Generally, at $29.99 plus shipping and handling, you make out on these boxes. Autumn receives most of hers as gifts but saves up to pay for the rest. You can save a little if you pay for more boxes at one time but we like the option of skipping months Autumn isn’t ¬†interested in (like straight up sappy teen romances). Owlcrate is definitely worth the price you pay and we would recommend it to any teen book lovers!

Doesn’t this kid look happy to you?

Autumn Reading Of Fire and Stars
Autumn Reading Of Fire and Stars

Interested? Use our referral code to get started and help Autumn on her way to earning a free box!

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