Steampunk TARDIS dress

This Steampunk TARDIS dress is one of my all-time favorite costumes. It was SO fun to wear and most people got it.  Instead of doing a one piece gown I opted for a skirt and corset with a hooded shrug.  All three pieces are primarily blue cotton to keep them a bit lighter and more casual than some of the satin and brocade pieces I’ve seen.

Some of my inspiration came from a number of dresses I found while researching ideas and I’m sure some of the influences shown below will be apparent. This article gives some fantastic ideas though I am particularly fond of 2, 6, 7 and 10.  I hope my dress could be found worthy of this list eventually!

Top 10 TARDIS dresses for fancy occasions

I think this one is pretty stunning:

TARDIS dress by Eveningarwen on deviantART

I tend to create my costumes by mixing and matching patterns and often combining pieces I like or parts of my current wardrobe to achieve the look I want.  For this outfit, I used these four patterns as my jumping off point though by no means did I stick to them or I would never have been able to create this.

McCall’s 6911
Butterick 3012
Simplicity 9887
Simplicity 3921

The TARDIS Skirt

I did a long skirt and attached a bustle trimmed in lace. There is an underskirt to the bustle to add some depth without too much extra weight. The bustle is detachable via buttons and elastic loops.

TARDIS skirt in progress


The TARDIS Corset

I used light boning so it would be more comfortable than some of the other corsets I have worn. I’m not sold on how the “windows” came out but the overall look works.

Base of TARDIS Corset
I used adhesive faux crystals to spell out the letters for POLICE BOX. It took FOREVER and I had to use tweezers.
Adding the crystals
I’m still embellishing, probably some lace around the bottom to set it off and separate it from the long skirt.

The Finished TARDIS Dress

It is comfortable and I am incredibly pleased with how it turned out.  I’m going to be selling the corset because it is a bit large so I’m making a new one.  If you are interested in this corset – only worn once – please check out my Etsy store because I will be posting it for sale there.  Anyway, here is the finished product and I have to say that I got A LOT of compliments on it at Wizard World this past weekend.

A TARDIS with River Song and the 10th Doctor


A TARDIS walking into a TARDIS!


Photobombed by Jason Momoa
We even got photo-bombed by Jason Momoa!