Steampunk Mad Hatter Hat II

Sooooo, out with the old and in with the new! ¬†I’ve been cosplaying the Mad Hatter since I created my alter ego, Violet Patterson. The crowning piece of every Mad Hatter costume is the Mad Hatter Hat. In the past, my hats have been rather small so this year, I’m going big. Obscenely big. This hat cost around $30 to make, my most expensive top hat to date, mostly because of the many additions.

The Half-way Point

The Foundation of the Mad Hatter Hat
The base of this hat is all cardboard. I use cereal boxes mostly but because I knew this would be heavier, I reinforced with extra boxes. Using scraps of home dec fabric fro my costume, I covered the hat and assembled them with a hot glue gun. The trim is home dec trim and of course, it needed feathers and a 10/6 sign. The sign is scrapbook paper that’s been singed around the edges (very carefully). The goggles come from a hardware store (welders goggles) but with some customizations I did myself.

Still, not enough. So, I embellished more… make this:

Nearly complete Steampunk Mad Hatter Hat


Some patches, a “clock,” gears, keys, and other baubles give this a more¬†maddening feel.

Close up of the 10/6 sign
Here, you can see the Mad Hatter Hat on my head to get an idea of how massive it really is.

The Massive Steampunk Mad Hatter Hat

This Mad Hatter Hat makes me SOOOO happy. It is heavy, to be sure, but doesn’t it look incredible? It really finishes off the look. This is the second incarnation of my Steampunk Mad Hatter.

Steampunk Mad Hatter II