Sick Parent’s Guide to Surviving a Snow Day

Sick Parent's Guide to Surviving a Snow Day

Being a sick parent sucks, especially when your kids end up with a snow day on your sick day. It’s hard enough to take time to recover when you’re on your own but what about when your kids end up home with you? Good parents love having our kids around but it is more challenging when you’re sick. This awesome sinus infection I’m rocking is bad enough to keep me off work (not something I do often). Sadly, it also prevents me from being the usual, super fun snow day Mom.

Never fear, look back at our post about 15 Boredom Busters and you’ll find a slew of great things to occupy the munchkins wearing you down further. Most of what we did today allowed me to use my Neti Pot, drink a ton of tea, and spend plenty of time next to my oil diffuser.

Start the Morning Right

First and foremost, the minute you get word that school is closed, shut down everything that will wake your kids early. Let those precious darlings sleep in!

Kids Sleep In On Snow Day

When you’re a sick, it’s important to drink a ton of fluids and rest, right? So let the kids sleep and give yourself time to prepare for the day! When they do wake, get them a good breakfast but try to let them make it on their own. It’s good practice because you are right there but you’re also not handling things that are going in their mouths.

After Breakfast Activities

Presumably, there is snow on the ground and you are too sick to handle it yourself. I’m lucky enough to have tweens who enjoy shoveling. They bundled up and jumped outside to make snow angels, play in the snow, and, of course, clear the driveway and sidewalk. All the while, I remained inside drinking tea and burrowed under a blanket.

Kids about to play in the snow

Hot cocoa is a great follow up to time in the snow. It gives them the opportunity to warm up and have a little something special. Setting up a hot cocoa bar is a lot of fun but it’s also a lot of work. Try just setting out the supplies for hot cocoa and take this as a teaching opportunity for them.

Hot cocoa warm up

Beyond Lunch, You’re Doing Great!

Throw some lunch in there and then let the kids choose a quiet activity for afternoon. My kids selected games. It’s not so bad sitting down for some board games even if you feel like death warmed over. Plus, you can absolutely keep drinking and use the restroom as much as you need.

Snow Day Fun

We even took a selfie in the middle of our game of Munchkin. ┬áCan you tell I’m not really feeling it but the kids are having a blast?

Snow Day Family Game Time

Of course, no snow day in our house is complete without baking a bit. The kiddos decided to practice their brownie-making skills and all I had to do was supervise.

Snow Day Brownies

Night Time Fun, Almost Done

If you’re like me, by now you are dragging and ready for bed. Never fear, you can make it through! Just a quick yoga session (remember, 28 Day Family Yoga Challenge), reading time (because it has to be done daily for school), and you can safely settle down for some television without feeling guilty! This is Maddox after yoga tonight. See how you can wear them out without doing yourself in?

After Yoga on a Snow Day

What’s that you say? It’s bedtime? You did it!!

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