Shaving cream Easter Eggs

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

While the kids are falling into their Easter sugar coma I am going to blog and write and craft my way through the impending madness – kidding, just kidding.  My kids will not be entering a sugar coma anytime soon but they are perusing their Easter baskets so I have time to drop a few lines about our Easter project.  We tried the shaving cream eggs this year and the results were mixed.  It was VERY fun but the colors were not as bright on some of the eggs – something we intend to fix next year because of how much fun we had!

What You Need

Cheap shaving cream (I got mine at Walmart for less than $1)
Food coloring
Hard-boiled Eggs
Paper plates
Cookies sheets (I used two jelly roll pans)
Ziploc bags or plastic gloves (to protect fingers from the dye)
Fork (to swirl the colors)


How We Did It

Spread the shaving cream on the cookie sheet and drizzle the color on.  The neon gel colors showed up best on the eggs as you will see later.

I used a fork and the kids used their ziploc bags to swirl the colors

The fun begins….

And my daughter’s fun ended more quickly than my son’s….

Once the eggs were coated we let them sit for about 10 minutes before washing the shaving cream off.





The Final Result of Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

The result varied. They turned out a little brighter than they seem in this picture but not nearly as good as we’d hoped given other results we’ve seen.  So, we will be tweaking this next year for sure!!

Suggestions on how we can improve this??  Please let us know!