Resolutions and Starting the New Year Right

Resolutions and Starting the Year Right

It’s a New Year and most people I know are making resolutions. Lots of them.

Personally, I’m sticking with the same goals I set out in my Transformation Tale last year. I backslid a bit last month with the chaos of the holidays and the loss of my Fitbit. R.I.P Fitbit HR. It’s all good though, I’ve got a new and improved Fitbit and though my schedule is still a bit nuts, it’s less chaotic without the added stress of the holidays hanging over my head.

Not that they weren’t great. They were. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire month of December, especially the last week when I met my nephew face to face for the very first time and got to read him a book before bed. I spent time with my family who I see far less than I wish I could. Mostly, I took some time off with my family, to recharge and celebrate life.

Going into 2018 I’m looking for bright lights and positive stories wherever I can find them. I hope you are as well. Make those resolutions and try to keep at least a few. Find a smile when you’re having what you think is the worst day of your life. Help somebody in need, just because. Take that extra time with your kids to do a project, play a game, or just talk about your day.

One of my new resolutions is to cherish more time with my kiddos, especially since I’ll be shipping one off to college a year earlier than expected – more on that later….

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