Reflecting On Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why

This past week I have been reviewing Thirteen Reasons Why the book and TV series. Repeatedly I have said how much this show has impacted me and how other kids should read the book then watch the show. Now, I am going to tell you how the show and the book have impacted me as a person.

The Book Thirteen Reason Why 

The book was a very short and easy read, I finished it in a couple hours, I could NOT put the book down. There were scenes that were super painful to read, especially when you recreate the scene in your head. Still, it kept you hooked. The story is so good you don’t want it to stop. When I finished I laid in bed with the book on my lap as I stared up at the ceiling. There were too many things running through my head to try to go to sleep so I laid there for who knows how long. I thought about everything that had happened. The shock, the disgust, the surprise, all of the emotions ran through me like a flash flood.

I was so ready to just start watching the show to see what was different, how the characters were interpreted. I am very glad that I didn’t watch it alone ( you can see Mom’s thoughts here).

Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix

The show was even more painful than the book in my opinion. Why? Because you could see everything happening. The assaults and the reactions, felt more realistic. The show was more in depth than in the book which brought up some needed discussions with my mom. I look older for my age and since I take advanced courses I am going to be at a high school a year early.

Curled up, side by side on the couch, we discussed some of the more disturbing themes (suicide, depression, and sexual assault). I was disgusted by some of the scenes in the show but I know that it happens. It happens to people who aren’t acting. That makes me very sad and disappointed in us as Americans, human beings really. I curled up in a ball, shocked that people could so easily do that to somebody. How could any boy pin a drunk girl to a bed and rape her? Why? I talked through a lot of this with my Mom and I’m not sure I will never understand how somebody could take advantage of another person’s body that way. That is sick, very, very sick.

Overall Thoughts on Thirteen Reasons Why

Everybody needs to watch this. Everybody needs to read Thirteen Reasons Why. Every kid needs to understand what rape is, what abuse is, what your actions can do to other people. Parents can’t protect their children from these things. My generation needs to understand these things.

Say you are a parent to a teenage kid, boy or girl, and he/she went to a party at a friend’s house without you knowing. Sure, you’re going to be mad but this is a sense of rebellion for them. Big deal right, it is a party. No, it is a big deal, anything could happen. Somebody could hurt them, someone could be sick enough to do terrible things to them. Now think, you could have prepared them for this, told them things they could do to avoid or escape somebody when need be.  Wouldn’t you feel horrible? This is why our generation needs to be educated. Adults need to talk to us about these things, teach us to never do these things. What would we be like then? What would our generation be like if we did that?

I urge you to have your kid to read the book, watch the show with them. Just do it. They need to know. We all need to know. As a society we need to stop being monsters. Stop abusing people, stop pushing people down, stop making others feel bad, stop shaming others. Just STOP! Stop being MEAN, don’t be rude, and stop your kid from becoming a MONSTER.

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