Reconnecting as a Family – Getting Our Groove Back

Reconnecting as a Family

Have you ever realized that your family is so caught up in life that you’re not connecting with each other? Trying to figure out how to go about reconnecting? That’s where we’re at right now.

My kids are in middle school and it presents an entirely new challenge for several reasons. Up until school sports hit, we did alright. Somehow, Autumn’s basketball schedule screwed up our mojo – because we let it. Now, as her season comes to a close, we realize that we need to find a way back to doing what we do best.

It is SO easy to get caught up in the day to day, to put off the things you love doing as a family. We are SO guilty of that. Up until the week before Christmas, we did ZERO crafts together. And baking? We made two batches of sugar cookies together – a fraction of what we usually do. More than that, we somehow devolved into couch potatoes.

I realize now that my funk and complete loss of focus stem from losing our family time. Last night, we talked as a family. For a long time. It turns out, the kids miss our craft times. And baking. And experiments. We all realize that for all of us to be happy, we have to find a way to continue doing the things that makes us, well, us.

Lucky for my munchkins, they landed a snow day today. I asked them to seek out some ideas they have for experiments and projects they’d like to do this year. Naturally, they did not disappoint. We now have a list AND a private board on Pinterest – yep, my kids pin.

Our Top Ideas for Reconnecting as a Family

  • Experiments – have you ever wondered what marshmallows do in a microwave? Does invisible ink really work?
  • Baking – this is pretty self explanatory, we bake, a lot.
  • 30 Day Challenges – we are thinking of doing a challenge a month starting in February, we’ll definitely keep you posted!
  • Crafting – again, this is something we used to do weekly, at least!
  • Miscellaneous Family Fun Options – think giant family-sized forts!

We are recommitting to each other and our blog this year. This means a couple of things for our readers. First, we will post two times per week for the foreseeable future. Second, we are planning more fun and more surprises in the coming months that we hope will help YOU reconnect with your families too! Cheers!

Tracy, Autumn, and Maddox

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