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Middle Grade Books

I'm not sure how much we'll be able to add to our Middle Grade Reads section if I'm being completely honest. My daughter is long past these books and my son (much to my chagrin) is not a big reader. We do try to stick with Middle Grade books for our family reads but we don't seem to consume those as fast since we only do a chapter or two per night. Most of the books we'll be reviewing are past reads and we'll keep the page active simply because these books mean something to us. 

Our Book Suggestions

Artemis Fowl Series
The Witches
The Westing Game
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series
Big Nate Series

The Challenging Readers

As noted above, my son is not a big reader. I would almost call him an "anti-reader." He simply doesn't care to read. We've worked out a little deal though. As long as he reads twenty  minutes at night and can tell us what he's read about with some decent detail, we're good. I understand that not all kids love to read and I respect that but I also feel that part of the problem with our country is the inability to read and process what is read. That's an entirely different story though, this is about working with a kid who doesn't like to read. To that end, we've gotten creative. 

Options that my son chooses for his reading time include:

Flipboard - an app that allows you to pick your favorite topics and then brings daily stories to your phone, computer, or tablet. It's a great app and allows Maddox to read about anything from dinosaurs to the Seattle Seahawks to his favorite actors and actresses. 

Comic books - do not underestimate the benefits of reading a good comic book. Many comics are actually more challenging than your everyday middle grade book. Besides, comics are wicked cool and have in depth storylines.

Magazines - find a magazine your kid enjoys. Maddox used to love National Geographic Kids but now he will sit down and plow through Game Informer every month.  This is a monthly magazine that we get because we are GameStop Pro Member PowerUp Rewards account holders. It cost me a whopping $14.99 which is worth it for the magazine alone since my kid is willing to read it. Maddox also likes Entertainment Weekly, especially when there's something about a movie he's excited about. Obviously, I review everything he's reading, but generally, I don't have any problems with any of these options.

Suggestions? Send them our way!



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