We read a lot in this house. A LOT. Whether you’re looking for a book for a precocious reader, something to inspire the whole family, or the perfect read for vacation, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. I also post regular book reviews and a ton of bookish fun on my alter ego’s blog – BooksByViolet.

Please note, we don’t buy all of the books we review because I just can’t afford to make that happen right now. We don’t expect you to buy them all either but we include Amazon Affiliate links in case you choose to purchase any of them. You won’t be charged anything extra, but we get a little bit of money back for every purchase made through these links that we use to keep the blog operational. We use our local library for a lot of books and purchase the ones we really love.

Middle Grade

These are books that we read as a family or that my son enjoys. He’s not as big of a reader unless you put comic books in front of him but look for these to be along the lines of Big Nate, Land of Stories, and Spirit Animals.


My daughter is the opposite of my son when it comes to books. She taught herself to read before Kindergarten and hasn’t looked back. Autumn reads almost as much as I do and is rarely caught without a book in her hands or bag. These reviews will vary from classics like Animal Farm to modern and new releases like Of Fire and Stars. We read many of these at the same time but she will do some posts on her own.

Book Club

These are just fun to read, motivational, inspirational, and more. It can’t be all seriousness or kid-friendly. These are adult (not erotica) reads that are perfect for a rainy afternoon.