Hacks, Tips, and Tools

Hacks, Tips, and Tools

Why Hacks, Tips, and Tools?

We all need parenting hacks, tips, and tools to make life easier without short-changing our kids. After all, aren't we all just looking for a simpler and/or cheaper way to go about our everyday tasks?

What You’ll Find Here

Are you looking for ideas on how to save on your grocery bill?

What about that crazy stain you can't seem to lift out of your kid's uniform?

Maybe it's just about finding a creative new way to handle chores or sticky situations.

Sometimes these tips won't pan out for you, sometimes they will. I can't promise you that everything that works for me will automatically work for you. Maybe you need to make a tweak here or there to customize a tactic or maybe you'll just think I'm nuts for even suggesting something. In anyr case, I hope you'll share your thoughts (respectfully, please) and suggestions in the comments. You never know when one of YOUR suggestions will help another struggling parent. After all, aren't we all just parenting by the seats of our pants?

Parenting is tough, possibly the toughest job you'll ever have. The good news is: You're not alone! That's right, we're all in this together! Let's build a community of parents working toward a common goal - I'm in, are you?

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