Of all the jobs I’ve had, parenting has proven to be the toughest. Sometimes you just need to sound off and sometimes you just need some advice. Please comment if it strikes you – I love to hear what others have to say but I ask that you keep it respectful. Remember, I’m here because I’m parenting by the seat of my pants and I suspect you are too!

Hacks, Tips, and Tools

Let’s face it, you’ve probably seen posts out there and thought “why didn’t I think of that?” These are posts about tips and tricks and can include everything from organizing your kiddo’s room to making the most out of a thrift store find.

Single Parenting

There’s an awful lot out there on techniques when you’ve got a spouse to help you. We don’t all have that option and single parenting obviously presents a completely different set of challenges.  Feel free to check out these  posts and sound off or add in your personal experiences. It’s not about whining, it’s about helping each other out!

Sports & Extracurriculars

I’ve got active kids and I bet you do too! From sports to speech and everything in between, these posts chronicle some of our experiences with the “fun” of extracurricular activities.