Our Story

Our story starts with high school sweethearts who married in their hometown but didn’t stay. We had kids, bought a house, and tried to make it work. For a time, we even moved across country (ah, Seattle, a piece of my heart still floats around out there), to try to make it work. It didn’t. We ended back in the Midwest, much to my chagrin. Still, the kids and I are making the most of it, writing a new story, if you will.

We’re an unconventional family with more interests than we can keep track of. From baking to sculpting, sports to cosplay, these two munchkins and I are always on the move. Karmic Chaos is a chronicle of our life, our projects, and how we cope with life’s curveballs. So what if our house is a little chaotic, so what if karma hasn’t come back around to us yet, do those faces look crushed to you?

Family Picture
All smiles, most of the time

Looking for a meal to please that picky eater?

Desperate for a costume that won’t break your budget?

Need to entertain your munchkins on a snowy day?

Can’t bear to part with your kid’s favorite t-shirt but you know it can’t make another trip through the laundry?

Wondering what book to read next?

Dealing with a precocious kiddo?

Let our antics help you sort out ways to make your life a little less (or more?) chaotic!

Email us at karmicchaos1@gmail.com.