DIY Office Furniture Face Lift

Purple Desk

We are just getting into this whole repurpose/upcycle trend and we’re loving it so far. Most of our furniture is mismatched so we’re trying to move toward a more cohesive vibe.

The Desk

This is our desk, or well, it was our desk after we sanded and primed it.  It had been a dark espresso color but we were so excited to get started that we forgot before pictures!

This is the desk all primed and ready to go

Then we painted it and it turned out even more beautiful than we’d hoped! The finish is smooth and it looks nice.

Office Furniture - Purple desk!


We opted to line the drawer with a cool paper that the kids modge-podged in place and we sealed the top of the desk to protect it.

File Cabinet

This is an older, hand-me-down piece. It’s sturdy and in good shape so we didn’t want to get rid of it, but it needs to match!

File Cabinet after one coat


File Cabinet almost done


With a little embellishment to the drawer faces and it’s not perfect but what is? This file cabinet blends with our office furniture now.

Finished File Cabinet

We will keep adding new updates because we are doing a lot of pieces and working on ways to make the most of our limited space.  Our situation continues to improve, it always will because I will keep working at it, keep moving forward – onward and upward!