Why National Women’s Equality Day Means Something

Equality for Women

It’s National Women’s Equality Day and I’m sure some people don’t care one bit.

In this house, we care. It’s not just because I’m a woman with a daughter. I am a woman and a feminist raising my daughter AND my son to be feminists as well. There is nothing wrong with the word feminist though it’s been made to seem like a dirty word. It’s been aligned with hatred of men though I do not believe that’s fair. In my experiences, women simply want to be seen as equals and not set aside because they lack certain genitalia. The world needs to be less about what genitalia your are sporting and more about your contributions to society and how you treat others.

What Women’s Equality Means to Me

It’s not that I hate men (I really don’t). I’m not looking for handouts or special treatment. In fact, it’s the opposite. I’m looking for FAIR treatment. Do you have any idea how nice it would be to be treated as a person and not an object or lesser being? I want to be recognized as different instead of lesser. I’m asking to be paid the same as my male counterparts for doing the same work. Hell, I’m asking to have the same opportunities on the job as my male colleagues. There are things that men tend to do better than women but conversely, there are things that women do better than men (and I’m not just talking about childbirth).

What if I treated men the way I am treated? I am not looking for a man to “take care of me” and it is not flattering to have men PM me on Twitter to tell me how much they love my smile and want to get to know me. It doesn’t make me feel good. Or special. It makes me feel cheap. I realize that not all men do these things and I am grateful to know many men who identify as feminists. However, there are a lot of men who don’t know how to treat women like equals and have no intention of ever doing so.

Women’s Equality and My Kids

I watch my daughter now. She is an awful lot like me but probably more brazen than I at that age. Of course, I am proud. But, I see her challenges are so much like mine were at that age. Almost thirty years separate us but she still deals with the same male/female inequities that I did. She wants to be a veterinarian or doctor so I realize what she’s in for. Sadly, she realizes this too.

Family Picture - Women's Equality is Important to us
All smiles, most of the time

My son does not see the world the same. It is not because he is male, it is because he sees what his sister can do. He sees his friends who are female and strong-willed, talent young ladies. Maddox recognizes that women add value to his life – more than his sister and mother. It is a belief I choose to reinforce at every turn.

Doctor Who – the 13th Doctor

We’ve been discussing the announcement of the 13th Doctor in this house. More than one friend is asking for our opinion. We considered devoting an entire post to this one topic but in the end, it fits best here. ¬†What a push for women this is! In a world where women are fighting for equal pay on a grand scale (see Jennifer Lawrence’s essay for starters) this is a HUGE development. Hell, Chris Hemsworth has even suggested that Charlize Theron should be the next 007. If THOR thinks a woman can be Bond then why can’t we have a woman Doctor?

Can we step back for a moment and appreciate what the casting of a female Doctor means for Women’s Equality? First, the fabulous Michelle Gomez was cast as Missy/The Master and did a fantastic job. Now, we are seeing the fluidity of The Doctor being expanded to address gender. I love this move. Autumn loves this move. Maddox loves this move. My daughter will not have to create a gender-bending costume to cosplay the Doctor now – that’s a win in my book!

I’m not here to hate on men. I am here to ask to be treated as an equal and not a second class citizen.