Just For Maddox: National Tortellini Day!

This one is for my son, Maddox. He LOVES tortellini. I mean, this kid can put away some pasta. It’s one of the few meals that he will always eat – not that he’s picky, because he’s really not – it’s just that when nothing else sounds good, this easy-to-prepare dish¬†does. When we are in a hurry but he needs a good meal, this fits the bill.

Maddox loves his Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini!
Maddox loves his Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini!


You know those packs of tortellini that Buitoni puts out? Yeah, he can eat a whole one by himself and not bat an eye at it. Have I mentioned that his metabolism is insane? It takes a lot for this kid to maintain weight let alone gain a pound or two. It’s a good thing he’s not into wrestling – unless his sister is involved in the fray.

Happy National Tortellini Day Maddox!

Have a bowl full of your favorite three cheese variety today!