National Star Wars Day – A Tribute to Princess Leia

National Star Wars Day

I’m a child of the 80s. One of my favorite memories as a child includes Star Wars. As a family, we ordered pizza, popped popcorn, and settled in to watch Star Wars on TV – commercials and all.

National Star Wars Day

An Unconventional Princess

My sister and I finally had a princess we could look up to. Princess Leia was tough, witty, and with just the right amount of snark. She landed the affections of the dashing rogue, Han Solo, who was, oh so dreamy. But that wasn’t all, she wasn’t just a pretty face in a dress. No, Leia stood up to one of the fiercest soldiers in the galaxy. She could wield a blaster with the best of them and lie through her teeth without breaking a sweat.  For us, Princess Leia embodied the strength we held most dear.

I still look up to Leia and her recent re-emergence in the Star Wars Sequels has only enhanced that respect. No more gold bikinis, no, this Leia is mature and dresses as a respected commander should. While many balked at the changes in Princess Leia’s appearance and wardrobe, I felt relieved to see her portrayed with dignity and strength. I applauded the changes in Leia’s appearance and rejoiced over the opportunity to cosplay one of my favorite characters for years to come.

What I feel people failed to understand is that the older, more mature Leia is the most realistic portrayal of the iconic character. Consider what she’s lost over the years and what she’s given to her cause. Leia has evolved without losing the backbone and bite that made her great back at the very beginning of it all.

Good-bye, Carrie Fisher

It has taken me a long time to write this. I knew for months that this May 4th would be a tribute to Princess Leia. The unexpected death of Carrie Fisher has rocked the entire Star Wars fandom even though she’s known for so much more than her role as Leia. Carrie Fisher has been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. I have reveled in her honesty, her humor, and her drive. She was always more than the woman who gave me a princess to admire and she always will be.


If you are missing Carrie Fisher as much as I am, try one of these awesome books, especially The Princess Diarist!

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