National Skateboarding Day

Maddox skateboarding 3

Skateboards are so different these days! They are AWESOME now. Maddox has really taken to skateboarding I’m happy to see him doing something just his own.

It makes sense, Maddox is my daredevil – always has been. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when Sox asked for a skateboard for Christmas. Sucker that I am, I totally gave in and with the help of my awesome brother-in-law (*Hi Alex*) I learned enough to find the perfect place to order a REAL skateboard from.

Maddox skateboarding 1
He’s just starting to do some tricks


We went through CCS and after a lengthy decision process, Maddox selected his board. I think waiting for it to arrive – even in the middle of winter – was a special kind of challenge.  Sox doesn’t play sports anymore, he’s waiting to run cross-country and track in middle school, but he likes (and needs) to be active so this is a wonderful outlet for him. It’s not unusual for me to be weeding while he takes a few turns around the corner. Maddox wants to get better, to become proficient. He doesn’t see the progress that I see but then, nothing ever goes fast enough when you’re a kid, right?

Maddox skateboarding 2

Happy National Skateboarding Day!!

Maddox skateboarding 3
Looks cool, doesn’t he?