National Root Beer Float Day

It is National Root Beer Float Day

Okay, so I celebrated International Beer Day this week so it’s only fair that I celebrate National Root Beer Float Day with Autumn today. ┬áIt’s a good thing Maddox is visiting with my parents in Colorado because he is NOT a fan of root beer floats.

Autumn is in the midst of softball tryouts so root beer floats sound awesome to her right now. She’s really happy to celebrate this day. We picked up a little A&W Root Beer and some vanilla bean ice cream.

Variations We Suggest

It’s not really a root beer float if you substitute the pop/soda you use, but Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper make amazing floats. For adults, consider trying one of the newish alcoholic root beers or colas.

These are actually made with root beer, but these Coca-Cola glasses were too perfect to use!

National Root Beer Float Day

Happy National Root Beer Float Day!

Root Beer Floats!