National Nachos Day! Sign Us Up!

Nachos are a staple in our house, especially when my parents visit and during ball season. So, basically, year round since my daughter started travel ball. It doesn’t look to change over the next year as both kids take on middle school extracurriculars. It’s difficult to stuff healthy food into their growing bodies when time is short. This is where nachos come in to play.

Why Nachos?

Easy, delicious, and fast, nachos make the perfect family meal. You can use any combination of things or throw it all on there. Sometimes we just need a snack after a long day with few meals. Add some chicken or beef for a full meal. Try avocado or guacamole. Mix and match your cheeses. There are any number of tortilla chip options or try using something different like Fritos!

Family Nacho Night

My parents visited this weekend and we went a few different ways (Maddox and my Dad to South Bend, IN for the Notre Dame game) and came back together on Sunday evening for family night and, you guessed it, this tasty treat.

Nacho night with the family

My parents don’t mind me sharing their pictures, and my awesome Dad took these great photos as Mom and the kids prepared our snack. Check out their blog – Fisher’s Follies – for some great DIY, beer brewing, gardening, and more!