National Library Lover’s Month

Library Books

I don’t know what we’d do without our local library. There’s no way I could afford to keep my kids (or myself) in books. Even with overflowing shelves, the kids and I use our local branch as a resource for research and sating our (possibly excessive) appetites for reading.I wish I could purchase all the books…really, I do. I mean, my dream is to be surrounding by overflowing, floor to ceiling bookshelves and have a ladder that rolls around so I can reach the upper tiers. But, hey, that’s not in the cards right now, is it?

Just a sampling of books I’ve checked out recently from our library.

Our Local Library

Thank you to the Columbus Metropolitan Library system, especially the Dublin branch, for being there whenever we need you! Our librarians greet everyone who walks through the door, they are knowledgable and kind to kids seeking specific (and sometimes odd) books for papers. Many libraries in our system (yes, we have a full system of libraries that work together!!) offer classes, meeting space, and even host events with other community partners.

When is the last time you visited your library?

Do you know what your local branch offers your community? Now, more than ever we need to use our local libraries to prove their worth before they see the wrong end of tax cuts. So, go out and get a library card or use your existing one as much as possible to make it clear that we need our libraries. Read people, it’s the cheapest way to travel and experience other parts of the world and beyond!