International Left Handers Day

Today is International Left Handers Day and I am one of the people who is overjoyed to celebrate it! I am going to be sharing some of my favorite, and least favorite, things about being a lefty.

Lefty Girl

The Cons of Being a Lefty

Now there are cons to pretty much everything from a certain food, what clothes to wear, what supplies to get, to what is your dominate hand.  Being a lefty there are definitely some cons but what can I say, I was born this way (pun intended! hehehe

1. Writing : Being a lefty can be a bit messy. Whenever I do a lot of writing, coloring, drawing (especially with markers) I most definitely will get something on my left hand, no matter what I do.

2. Using Scissors: Trying to find a pair of lefty scissors is definitely a challenge, especially at school. For me I eventually learned to cut things with my right hand but when I can I use both hands to cut, I do, because it is a heck of a lot easier to use both!

3. Arm Wrestling: Now I know this one is a bit childish but I am a kid so it makes perfect sense to me. The boys at school love to arm wrestle and think that they’re always better than everyone else. Sometimes I like to show one of them up, since none of them are left-handed I use my right hand, and I usually win, making them look bad. Occasionally a girl will challenge me be it at school or during a practice and I normally beat them too, except one girl on my softball team, tiny but mighty!

The Pros of Being a Lefty

Now I know after reading that you might be thinking how can there be ANY positives about being a lefty? Well, let me show you.

1.  Sports: Now I know not everybody plays a sport but being a lefty, especially at a young age, can be really handy when you play a sport. In basketball it is already easier for you to dribble with your left hand and shoot with you left hand which, when you’re younger, not most of your friends can do. This is imediately making you better because all the right-handers will likely be thrown off. In softball being a lefty already makes you more valuable to teams and makes it easier to play certain positions. When you’re a lefty and a pitcher, that is going to knock off some socks right there.

Lefty Batter

2. Makes You Feel Special: Now I know this one is a little weird but if you think, how many left-handed people do you know. Little to none right? Just maybe it makes you feel like your a little special, I know it isn’t super rare like some disease or something but it is semi-rare right? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

Well now you know some of the pros and cons of being a lefty. I hope you have a wonderful International Left Handers Day!