National Keep Kids Creative Week

Creative Kids are Happy

Would you say you’re creative? Why or why not?

It seems to me that creativity is the root of all advancements, entertainment, and fun in the world. Shouldn’t we foster creativity in our children, cling to it through adulthood, and allow our creative spirits to usher us out of life in the end? I’m fortunate to work in a field that thrives on creativity. My friends – well, 99% of them – are creative spirits. Because of this, most of what my kids know is creativity. I encourage them to think outside the box whenever possible, even if just as an exercise in futility, a simple daydream, or a doodle. They’ve both adopted the use of bullet journals – in part because of the doodle pages they include.

Doctor Who Cosplay
Doctor Who Cosplay


From costumes to crafts to baking ridiculous cakes, we find ways to be creative every day. But, if you read our blog then you know how we spend our time, don’t you?

What is National Keep Kids Creative Week?

Started in 2003, illustrator and author Bruce Van Patter started the holiday to help promote creativity for kids. In a world of standardized tests (how many do your kids take?) Mr. Van Patter saw a desperate need for an infusion of creativity. He’s got a fantastic website dedicated to helping families find their creativity and grow it.

National Keep Kids Creative Day

Creativity is not lost in my house but it is lost in many. How do YOU foster creativity in your kids?  Please, leave your comments below!