It’s National French Toast Day!

French Toast

National French Toast Day means a salute to my favorite breakfast!

Fun Facts About French Toast

This is my favorite breakfast because it is SO tasty, but it’s also easy to make. We did a little research for this special day to see what else we could learn about my favorite breakfast. This is actually one of the very first meals I taught my kids to make because all you do is whisk the eggs and milk together, dip the bread in the mixture, and “fry” it in a skillet. Easy Peasy.

  • French toast is an OLD dish. Some people date it back to the ancient Romans though others maintain it didn’t come into existence until medieval times.
  • It’s actually a great way to revive stale bread!
  • It’s known by many other names including German Toast and Eggy Bread. I don’t know about you, but “eggy bread” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

National French Toast Day

Our Favorite Twists on French Toast

We like to tweak recipes, even the classics, so it should be no surprise we do the same with this delicious breakfast option.

  • Add cinnamon and vanilla to your egg and milk mixture.
  • Almond and vanilla added to your egg and milk mixture will give you a “cake batter” variation.
  • Warm some fruit (fresh or frozen) and pour over the toast for a fabulous treat.
  • Instead of syrup, try pumpkin butter or apple butter.

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