National Coffee Day – Get Your Caffeine On!

Coffee is sort of my life’s blood. I think, in fact, it is part of the true composition of my body as much as water.

Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore

Have you ever seen Gilmore Girls? I drink coffee like a Gilmore. I’m not going to lie. Part of it is being a writer and part of it is just loving the drink. I like it strong, I like it plain, and I like it hot. You might think I’m kidding.  I’m not. Ask any of my friends, or my kids, or my family just how much coffee I’m apt to drink in a day. In fact, after watching Gilmore Girls for the first time, my kids took to calling me Lorelai. No kidding.


National Coffee Day

Can you tell I have a special relationship with that glorious bean-made goodness? There’s something about a cuppa joe in the morning that starts my day off right. In the afternoon when I’m dragging and I know I have a night of writing left after ball practices and homework, guess what comes to my aid? You guessed it, a steaming cup of yummy. It probably did not help that I lived in Seattle for two years, pretty much the coffee capital of the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but come on, give me this one.


Drink Coffee for National Coffee Day