My OWjL Camp Experience Part 2

Autumn on OWjL Camp Part 2

It is Friday guys, wooooooooo!!! It is time for me to finish my week at OWjL’s Camp, so here we are, Day 3: Wednesday.

Day 3: Morning

This morning my dorm-mate decided it was a good idea to set her alarm for 6:25am, it sucked. I don’t need to wake up that early! tried going back to sleep but I ended up just laying in bed, too lazy to get up. 2 hours-ish later I was heading to my first class (You’re in Congress Now!) where we finally got to the exciting part, debating on bills. It was soooo much fun. They presented one of my bills (it was about lowering the drinking age for alcohol to 18) and it got vetoed for the stupidest reasons and I wasn’t even allowed to argue my reasons!

My second class  (You’re on Trial) was intense because everyone rushed to make sure they were prepared for the trial on Thursday and Friday. I helped create cross-examination questions for one of the witnesses and I came up with a question nobody EVER used before, go me!

Day 3: Afternoon

After lunch I headed off to my 3rd (and still favorite) class of the day, Digital Photography: Fix it up! That day we did some more editing, supposedly of the nature photos we took the previous day but that wasn’t the case. I warped some more people. Super fun!!

My 4th class (Survivor) was just fabulous *cough* NOT *cough*. It was probably my favorite day of the class that week just because the challenges were actually fun but we still never got into the “braun” challenges that were promised in the class description. Afterward, it was rec time which for me was Kickball. I thought is was going to be so much fun, it wasn’t. There were too many people and it got boring FAST. Luckily it ended like 20 minutes after I thought it got boring so I didn’t have to wait forever. This was probably my favorite evening activity, it was the dance!

Day 3: Evening Activity – The Dance

One of my friends got asked to the dance, it was hilarious. Even funnier, he was kind of clingy, wouldn’t leave her side. I almost broke down laughing. It was a lot of fun, they played the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton-Eye Joe, and more. There were also crafts and games and a place to work if you didn’t feel like dancing . I danced, and I was horrible, but who cares, it was loads of fun!I took off my shoes and danced, I fell down a couple times. One time, it was like I was sliding into a base, but still, so much fun. My friends dared me to ask a boy to dance and I did. It was really weird, but so worth it.

The last song they played was Don’t Stop Believing  by Journey.  Pretty much everybody danced when that song came on. Probably the best night at OWjL’s camp!

Day 3: Rest of the Evening

Now, I know I don’t normally do a seperate evening thing but some pretty funny stuff happened. After family group ended most of us went over to one of the dorms in our family group. We decided it would be fun to play a version of Truth or Dare with a flashlight in the dark. One of the dares was for somebody to look at me and do whatever I said for a whole minute. After the minute ended she was super scared, I almost laughed. I had to ding dong ditch my own dorm room, I didn’t even get caught! There was a bunch of other funny events but I’ll keep those in my back pocket.

Day 4: Morning

Again, my dorm mate had her alarm set for 6:25 and we were awakened again by the beeping alarm clock. I was annoyed but I kept to myself and got ready for the day. I was done by 7:00 and headed to breakfast  super early. Then it was time for my first class (You’re in Congress Now!) and again we debated bills, some of them were super ridiculous – like annexing Canada. Seriously? Then, it was time to go to the courthouse for You’re on Trial! where I was one of the witnesses. I testified and in my opinion I did pretty good but that’s just me. All of my fellow witnesses and lawyers did wonderful too!

Day 4: Afternoon

For Digital Photography: Fix it Up! we took a trip to the Slocum library, a really cool place might I add. I took some really fasinating pictures of the place, here are a few of my best pics.

Library pictures from OWjL Camp


We had enough time after the picture session to add them to our flash drives (same as we did with the nature pictures) and maybe touched up one or two of them before class ended. Then it was time for Survivor, ugh. That day we did some of the stupidest challenges known to man kind. I don’t want to spoil your fun so i’ll leave it at that. Rec time was super fun too because I made some pet rocks! I made Pac-man, Scream, and Pete Johnny Jr., my real pet rock. Here they are.

Pet Rocks from OWjL Camp

As you can see they are quality rocks. Afterwards was the evening activity, skit night!!!

Day 4: Evening Activity: Skit Night

Skit night is a tradition at OWjL’s camp where each counselor and their group will perform a skit in front of the camp. Our group did a skit making fun of one the counselors and he wanted us too. The best part being that we performed right after his group did. He wore a cast so everybody wrapped their right hands so they looked like his hand with the cast. Then we performed a couple moments that he had had and the whole audience loved it.

Day 4: Rest of the Evening

We had family group where we got our pizza and soda for pizza night which was delicious! Then we went over to my dorm to play Night at the Museum and Red Light, Green Light. Absolutely awesome.

Day 5: Morning

Ahhh, I finally got to sleep until 7:00am, YAY! It started to hit me that today was the last day at camp. Everybody knew that it was the last day they just didn’t want to face it. It was just the fact of being away from reality that nobody really wanted to leave the sanctuary back into the real world. We still had classes and You’re in Congress Now! just got ridiculous.  One of the senators (classmates) got impeached but then reentered, wasting a half hour deciding whether to impeach him or not. Then we never got to pass the bill we had at the beginnng of class, it was horrible.

Luckily at You’re on Trial! things were a little bit more civil and in the end the accused was found guilty of causing riot, which was jail time, so our side got what we wanted, well some of it anyways.

Day 5: Afternoon

It was the last day of Digital Photography: Fix it Up! and I was super sad. The teacher was so great it was just overall a great experience. She said we could edit anything we wanted so I made some memes, Here is one of them:

After that was the last clas of the day, Survivor. I was so excited that it was the last day of class and practically ran out of class. Back at the dorms, parents were gathering around the patio. My family was waiting for me when I walked up and luckily we were out of their in a jiffy. Man, does it get busy fast!

Leaving camp is kind of a shock to the system because my parents just started talking about all this stuff and I was like “Whoa. Slow down!” I guess they missed me.

My Overall Experience at OWjL’s Camp

In my opinion this camp is completely worth it. There really is no time to get homesick even though you have no contact with your family and you’ll meet people like you (which is tough if you are gifted). My experiences were great, completely priceless. If you are a gifted child or the parent of a gifted child I would strongly reccommend that you send them to this camp.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section and I am almost positive that I will do my best to answer them for you!