Mother/Daughter Book Review: Seeing Redd

You know those books that you have to read because they are the second in a trilogy but they just aren’t very exciting on their own? Yeah, this book falls in that category,

Trace: It’s not that it wasn’t a good book, it was. But, when you have awesome characters and a truly unique world, it’s hard to go wrong. It just took an obscenely long time to get into this book. I’d say it was well past the halfway mark for me.

Autumn: Agreed. It just took too long for the story to develop.

Trace: I still really like Redd as a villain and her childish temper tantrums are absolutely hilarious, but that’s just me.

Autumn: Oh my gosh! I really like Hatter a lot too, all of his weapons are amazeballs.

Trace: And it was really nice to see them develop Hatter’s backstory.

Autumn: I don’t know that I like his backstory. It was really different and it did tie together well but I didn’t like it. I wanted something more for him.

Trace: It’s tough to talk about it without giving spoilers, huh? I understand what you’re saying. He’s one of my favorite characters from all of the books we’ve read lately and I really want to read Beddor’s graphic novels about Hatter.

Autumn: YES! But, we really should read ArchEnemy first.

Trace: Naturally. We’ll get there.

The Verdict

Buy it so you have the complete set, but know it’s not quite as good as its predecessor. However, the cover is AWESOME so that saved this book just a touch.

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