Upcycle: Men’s dress shirts to Steampunk-inspired skirt!

Steampunk-inspired skirt

This is steampunk-inspired skirt is one of my favorite creations! I took three┬ámens’ dress shirts, lopped off the tops (both were ruined), sewed them together at the “waist” and then gathered a little to give shape. It’s not 100% done but this gives you an idea of what I did.

Steampunk-inspired Skirt

This is just the bare bones of the skirt but you get the idea:
Base of Steampunk-inspired Skirt

Just a few of the details:

I added grommets to the back so the closure will lacing like this.


Grommets and ribbon to tie up the back


I also did a lot of tucking and gathering to give off the layered/bustled look.

Gathered the sides of the uppermost layer


Embellishment is still needed but it’s a solid base for a versatile steampunk-inspired look.