Men’s Dress Shirt to Women’s Dress

Women's Dress

There are A LOT of options for this men’s dress shirt, but with the cute little checker pattern I just kept seeing a western inspired dress.  So that’s what I did!

What You Need

One Men’s Dress Shirt that’s too big
Matching fabric scraps (to create a “belt” and embellishments)
Sewing Machine
Cuts to Men's Dress Shirt

How to Convert the Men’s Dress Shirt into a Women’s Dress

This is the shirt I started with and the initial cut I made.  You will use most of this shirt for the dress so there are just a few scraps left to use for another project (maybe a bag to go with it?)  Anyway, this one has the buttons in the back and the waist is gathered.
Create your belt/waistband with scrap fabric measured to your desired size (I used a cute eyelet). I apologize for not taking more pictures but this went so fast I sort of forgot! Once the waistband is attached to the lower part of the dress you may want to add a button hole and button to the belt/waistband so there is no gap.
On to the top.  Since this shirt was pretty big on me, I lopped the arms and collar off leaving a boatneck styled neckline. This is further enhanced with a small gather at the shoulders.
When you are satisfied with your top, attach it to the lower half of the dress.  This version dress has an empire waist.
Next, I added the sleeves.  To do this, I cut the sleeves at the half-way point to use the lower half of the sleeves only.  This made super cute short sleeves as you will see.  I still had to gather the upper portion of each sleeve to fit the armholes but the effect is really cute.  And, with the natural cuff now being the end of the sleeve it can be worn two ways, either down and button closed for a snug fit or unbuttoned and flipped up.
Finally, I added a little eyelet pocket and finished the neckline.  It is SUPER cute all together:
And, here it is on:
This dress is for sale in my Etsy store!