Meeting Margaret Peterson Haddix

Autumn w/Margaret Peterson Haddix

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet the author Margaret Peterson Haddix and it was a wonderful experience. Here is my first-hand experience with Mrs. Haddix.

Meeting Margaret Peterson Haddix

My mom and I arrived at the library about 30 minutes before the event started so we could return (and checkout more) books. We decided it would be smart to put our new books back in the car so we weren’t holding them. When we walked back inside one of our  favorite librarians (Hi Mrs. Scully!!)  was there and she asked us if we wanted to come in early to meet Mrs. Haddix. Of course, I said “yes!”  She led us into the room where Margaret Peterson Haddix was standing.

We talked for a couple of minutes, just casually, it was awesome. Then I saw that the librarian who brought us in to the room was setting up the author’s books so they could be on display so I excused myself and asked if I could help. Thankfully she said I could help and so I set some of the books up. After that it was time for the event to start so I was in charge of holding up any books that Mrs. Haddix might mention.

Autumn w/Margaret Peterson Haddix
Autumn with Margaret Peterson Haddix

What she said

During the event she talked about some of her newest books like Under their Skin and Children of Exile and the both sound pretty awesome. She also talked about how she got her inspiration for the books and I found that pretty interesting. After that she took some questions from everybody. Some asked some good questions like her favorite book/series that she has written. There was one question that really caught my attention: “What advice would you give to young and aspiring authors?” Her response was to read, read, and read more. Keep a journal with you at all times. Write every single day. And give yourself time to just think. I thought that was the best advice.

MPH speaking

Then it was time for signing. She had a line of people with posters and books ready for her to sign and it was super cool. I got my own copy of one of her books signed as you can see in the picture below.

Autograph in Found
Autograph in Found


I also asked her what her favorite book to movie adaptation was and to be honest I  was surprised when she told Holes. The movie and the book were great, I don’t have anything against them, I was just surprised. Anyways I helped clean up and put the books back but it was so awesome meeting Margaret Peterson Haddix!


It was so great having the chance to meet Margaret Peterson Haddix and I think it was a great learning experience too. She gave great advice and I hope that if you do have a chance to meet her that you will.

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