Managing Your Garden: DIY Plant Fact Book

Inside the book

We are so excited to have a garden this year. The kids have been itching to grow more than a few herbs and small, sad flowers.

The Problem

We are VERY busy. It’s the end of the school year, both kids have birthdays (end of May and beginning of June), and they are involved. How in the heck are we going to keep on top of our garden? What plants need food? When do we have to trim them? What do we do when Autumn goes to camp for the week and can’t cover her chosen plants?

The Solution

For $1.50 I bought a small notebook on clearance. We have allĀ of the tags and tabs from each plant we purchased. Every seed packet sits in a stack in the office. With a little tape and some extra notes, I put together a booklet about each of our plants so the kids not only know what we’ve got going but how to care for them. Beyond that, we know when things were planted.


Small notebook – ours was on clearance for $1.50

Seed packets and plant tags from everything you plant

Pen, Scissors, Tape

Our Garden/Plant Fact Book

When we planted something, the tag or packet was added to the book with tape. I made additional notes as needed and obviously marked the “planted date.”

Seed Packets and Notebook

Obviously, everything isn’t in the ground yet, but our garden is taking shape. We should be planting the rest this coming weekend if the weather holds.

Inside the book

We have two of these bushes so I kept both tags. They appear on back to back pages, one front and one back so we have all of the information off the tags – and it saved on note-taking!

Flippable tags

If you don’t plant two of everything, you can easily make your tag “flippable” by taping it just so in your booklet. The kids know where to find our book and exactly what items they are responsible for. When Autumn goes to camp, Maddox can check out her plants to know how to care for them (and he’s graciously agreed to do so). It works and it cost next to nothing.