Maddox’s Golden Birthday – 6/11/17

I love my little brother, a lot. So, this post is for him, why I love him so much, and mainly to wish him a happy golden birthday.

Autumn and Maddox in Seattle
Autumn and Maddox in Seattle


About 11 years ago on this very day I was only a little over one years old when my mom brought home a little boy. ┬áIt was probably a day or two after he was born that I saw him but still, it was new. I still loved him though, I was all about him apparently. Even now, I don’t despise, hate, or even dislike my brother. Sure, he gets on my nerves sometimes but I still love him to pieces.

1st Day of School Fall 2012
1st Day of School Fall 2012

I know a some people with siblings hate one another and I can’t, in anyway, see me and my brother being like that. He is super funny and just so likeable by everybody, especially the girls (ugh). Now my brother is turning 11 and going into middle school and I don’t want him to! I want him to be my little bro forever and ever. Just stay like he is. *Sigh* This is a birthday post, a GOLDEN birthday post! I can’t be sad!

At the Zoo
Autumn and Maddox at the zoo

Well, I hope my brother achieves everything he wants to in life. I hope he becomes what he wants to become. I don’t care what you do as long as you love it. Happy golden birthday my little bro, enjoy it.


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