We’re All Mad Here – National Mad Hatter Day!

National Mad Hatter Day

On National Mad Hatter Day, I am paying homage to one of my favorite literary characters of all time.

Mad Hatter Cosplay

Not only has the Hatter been reimagined numerous times in print, I’ve cosplayed a sometimes gender-bending version of this character more times than I can count. From the 10/6 tag in the hat to the tea cup, there is a ton of room to craft a unique representation of this iconic character. Of course, my favorite part is the hat as you can see here.

Steampunk Mad Hatter Hat

This massive hat took me two weeks to construct and decorate. It weighs a couple of pounds and cost about $50 to create. ┬áThis hat is the foundation for more than one incarnation of my Hatter because it is such focal point. When I wear this hat, I’m stopped constantly for pictures and questions. You really cannot miss me in this thing. Here’s the last incarnation from a convention I attended.

Steampunk Mad Hatter II
This is me last year


Mad Hatter in Print

When it comes to print, one of our favorite reimaginings comes from Frank Beddor in The Looking Glass Wars. The character is so fantastic, he also has a graphic novel series all his own! The retelling of Alice in Wonderland gives plenty of nods to Lewis Carroll but takes on an entirely new world of Wonderland complete with additional foes and the concept of Imagination. Do NOT miss out on these stories!

Perhaps one day I’ll write a story about the Hatter.

I could go on and on about the intricacies of this peculiar character but I’d rather leave you to explore on your own. The Hatter may be mad but we’re all just a little mad, aren’t we?