Kids Guide to a Lemonade Stand: A How-To

Kid's Guide to Lemonade Stands

Yes, the old lemonade stand. Come and get your lemonade for 25 cents here! Every kid at some point in their life does one, whether it is only once when you’re 8 years old or every week to try and raise money for something. In the end, you want to get the best profits. How do you maximize sales and get the best bang for your buck? I’ll tell you how in my guide to a kids lemonade stand.

Lemonade Stand Preparations

There is never a business without any preparations. You don’t need months of planning to set up a lemonade stand but you should be ready a day in advance. The night before I always make my sign, have a table and chair ready to be set up, a cash box with change, and maybe somebody to help advertise. I take a lot of time making my sign, using a ruler, sizing the letters perfectly, that kind of stuff. That is because I am a perfectionist but you do not have to, by any means. Just make sure you have a sign that clearly shows what you are selling and for how much.

My Sign for a Lemonade Stand

For a table and chair I just use a card table. It’s portable and holds everything I need (cups, lemonade, cash box, sales sheet). The cash box can be anything, I use this chest from one of our costumes but I once used a shoebox.


Cash Box for Lemonade Stand

If you want someone to advertise just ask your sibling or friend to help. My brother is happy to hold a sign and wave people down. How do I accomplish this? Easy.  Either I give him some of my profits or agree to do one of his chores for a day.

Help for your Lemonade Stand

Setting Up

Just before I set up I make the lemonade. This means  it is fresh. You do, after all, want customer to recommend your stand and even come back themselves, right? I usually use the powder pink lemonade made by Country Time.

Now you’re ready to start! First, set up the table and chair. I like to use a canopy if it is really sunny. I’ve learned to keep my lemonade in a cooler with ice to keep it cold. Warm lemonade doesn’t taste very good! Next, attach your sign to your table.

You’re open for business!

Using a Card Table for Lemonade Stnad

Tips For Selling

  1. NEVER pour cups of lemonade in advance, pour it for the customer when they come, that way they know it is freshly poured.
  2. Always be very thankful and kind to customers
  3. If you are trying to raise money for an organization or for a sport, mention it or have it on your sign or a paper, people will be more willing to buy more lemonade or make a donation
  4. Be in a very busy area where you will be seen the most, setting up on a busy corner is one of the best places you can be
  5. Test your lemonade before you sell it, that way you can guarantee it is delicious!
  6. Be a confident and clear speaker when talking to your customers

I hope you have a very successful lemonade stand and I wish you the best of luck!