Kids are Back to School!

First Day of School

It’s that glorious time of year when the kids return to school. Parents everywhere rejoice and share hilarious images of how they “cope” with this hallowed day. And don’t we deserve it?

For weeks prior to the start of school, parents are tasked with hunting down very specific items (i.e. low odor, chisel tip, dry erase markers) to fulfill supply lists, fill out pages of forms, secure immunizations (and make sure to get record of said shots into the school nurse), and back to school wardrobes. All of this while fighting with kids to finish summer reading books and realign their sleep schedules. In short, back to school preparation is a nightmare so it’s not surprise that we celebrate the first day of school.

Am I celebrating the return to school? Yes, yes I am. I love my kids and thoroughly enjoy their presence but by summer’s end it is clear that they need school. They need the separation from each other, time with their friends, and the education, of course. It’s exciting to see them off and I hope the excitement lasts for another several months.

First Day of School Pictures

I’m that parent, not gonna lie. I love taking pictures for the first day. My kids insist on doing them inside now – I get it – but we still do them every year. There are a lot of great options out there for signage but I stick with the simplicity of typing something up on Word and printing it out. I take the pics on my phone so I can send them to family that can’t be here, including my ex-husband.

First Day of School

Get Them on the Bus

I’m no longer allowed to follow the kids to the bus stop. Sigh, middle schoolers. But, I did walk them out and snap a few shots, from a safe distance. They match – not planned!

Bus stop!

They text me when they’re on the bus and that’s the end of it until they get home. Or is it?


I did not do the party mom post. Nope, all I want is a cup of coffee in peace without getting up at five or six in the morning. This morning I can write my morning pages and drink a cup of joe in peace and quiet. It’s incredible. And, the amount of work I’m able to accomplish in the time the kids are gone – AMAZING! I cannot believe how much I can do!

Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore

What are you looking forward to now that they kids are back in school?