KarmicChaos Family Yoga Challenge – Week 2

Week 2 28 Day Family Yoga Challenge

We completed our first week of the Family Yoga Challenge and all agree we feel awesome. Of course, this is only four days in, but we feel good about the whole thing so far and look forward to the rest of the month. In fact, we intend to make yoga a regular part of our lives.

One of the questions we received is in regards to how we maintain a family yoga challenge with the kids spending some time at their Dad’s house. This is a challenge for divorced parents but it doesn’t mean you can’t complete a daily challenge. Autumn and Maddox did their yoga at their Dad’s house and we talked about it later. For both kids, it gives them a bit of continuity. I wonder if it isn’t something we should have started sooner.

Last week’s results for Family Yoga Challenge

Day One: Basic Stretches for Tight Hips was a winner in this house. Not only did we have fun (trust me, try the Happy Baby and you’ll see why), we realized how NOT flexible we are. Some poses were better than others for us, but we really enjoyed this one!

Day Two: Yoga Poses for Runners was not as successful. None of us cared for many of the poses, not that we couldn’t do them, just that we didn’t enjoy them as much as yesterdays and found a few to be a bit repetitive. We will not be keeping this one.

Day Three: My pick, Yoga Poses to Relieve Back and Neck Pain, turned out to be awesome for me. I felt fantastic after finishing this routine.

Day Four: Since it’s a Sunday and we have a little time before Autumn has softball practice, we selected the 10 minute Morning Yoga for Beginners video. We all enjoyed this easy to follow, very basic “wake up” routine.

28 Day Yoga Challenge

Week 2 of the Family Yoga Challenge

We are really hoping to find a combination of routines and videos that works for us on a long term basis so you may seem some repeats of those we enjoy most.

Day Five: It’s been a stressful weekend. That said, we are going to kick off the week with a stress reducing routine. We found this one on Pinterest – 10 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief.

Day Six: Autumn selected 10 Minute Bedtime Yoga IN Bed after enjoying the 10 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners.

Day Seven: I’m really trying to let the kids take charge of this challenge. That said, we’ve got another pick from Autumn with this 15 minute gentle yoga for athletes video.

Day Eight: Since Basic Stretches for Tight Hips and Yoga Poses to Relieve Neck and Back Pain were so great for us, we’re opting to do the pair together today. See above for links.

Day Nine: We’re switching gears to a shorter routine this morning with a 5 Minute Morning Yoga Routine.

Day Ten: I’ve heard great things about Yoga with Adriene on YouTube so we’re going to give her Beginner’s Routine a chance.

Day Eleven: To keep with our theme of loosening up, we’re going to go with Hip Opening Yoga Poses.


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