Just Another Transformation Tale Update

Trace's Transformation Tale

Transformation Tale rolls off the tongue and sounds magical somehow, like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother changing her raggedy dress to a stunning gown. Honestly, I half expected myself to give up on this whole thing by now. But I haven’t. Surprising myself more than anybody, I’ve really stuck with this. No, I haven’t hit all of the goals every day but I work hard to hit as many as possible every day.

That’s the thing when you’re a parent, right? You come second to your kids. Lately, I’ve tried taking back a little more time for me. Why? Not because I love them less or have suddenly grown more selfish, but because I they don’t need me quite as much and it is far better for me to hang back and let them sort some things out on their own at this point. Sadly, I also realize they will be gone in a few short years and I will be on my own. What should my life look like at that point?

Rebuilding my Body

I’m really stepping it up – my kids would call me very pun-ny – but honestly, I’m hitting that 10K step count with regularity. If I don’t hit it by a certain time, I stop everything to make sure I get those steps in. It is truly a habit now. And, it is true what they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Boy, do I have some great ways to get those steps in! Did you know that you can absolutely handle your social media while walking at a good clip around your house, yard, or neighborhood? Bam, two birds with one stone if you rely on social media like me!

Water intake can be a challenge some days but for the most part, I’m blowing through as much as I can every day. Of course, sometimes you just can’t spend your day in the bathroom so you have to work around your daily schedule. Still, my skin looks better everyday and I definitely am noticing some other slight differences.

Transformation Tale Means More Energy
Yep, we are Texans!

Exercise. Ah, exercise. I’m consistent with doing 30-60 minutes of really getting my heart rate up. Yes, you read that right. I’m pushing myself from thirty minutes to over thirty minutes a few days a week. Usually it’s walking but sometimes it’s dancing, sometimes it’s running with the kids, regardless, it’s more. I’m more active now than I’ve been in years because as noted above, I’m making the time for myself and making it a priority in my life. Most importantly, I do as much of it with my kids as possible!

Yoga has been my downfall. I am fitting it in once, maybe twice, per week and I think it’s because I’m so focused on the cardio. I think as the weather turns colder and we are inside more, this too will change. How can I help but get outside as much as possible now?

In short, I’ve lost about 6 pounds and my pants are definitely fitting looser.

Transformation Tale means more energy for mom

Nurturing my Creative Mind

Morning pages are a part of my routine now. I don’t miss a day. It’s my chance to explode the worries, concerns, and excess excitement onto a page before starting my day. I don’t miss because I need them to keep balance throughout my day now.

Likewise, reading is coming along. I’ve read 89 books this year, mostly because I make a point of reading every day  now. Right now, I’m re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing and The Twistrose Key (a middle grade that I’m scoping out for my son).

Blog posts and social media are clearly going well enough as you fine people can see. Is there room for improvement? Of course! I’m always fine-tuning my blogs and social media, and, of course, Autumn enjoys taking over the blog on occasion. But, nobody seems to be complaining so I’m rolling with it!

Webinars and courses on a weekly basis are easy enough to do. There are loads of them out there and I’ve actually expanded my reach to learning about new things whether or not they relate directly to blogging or writing. I am learning SO much.

When it comes to my WIPs (work in progress), I’ve been less successful, much to my chagrin. Still, I feel like I have a real plan for the first time in a long time and I’ve actually been trying to do some PLOTTING before writing. Yes, I know, this is a shock for all who know me. I’m a pantser and proud of it but with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) right around the corner, I need to figure out which novel I’m going to write in November and that means preparing all of the candidates as much as possible until one really jumps ahead of the others.

Transformation Tale: Is it Working?

Unequivocally, yes. I feel better than I have in years. I’m focused (okay, not laser-focused but I’ve got direction), have more energy, and accomplish more in a day. Do I have some days that aren’t so grand? Of course, we all do. But my overall quality of life is much improved. I still have days that are stress-filled messes but for the most part, I’m kicking a$$ and taking names.

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