The Joy of Anticipation – Waiting in an Impatient World

Anticipation Waiting in an Impatient World

Anticipation. How many of you pictured Tim Curry dragging out the five syllables in the most delightful way? I’m not here to discuss The Rocky Horror Picture Show – though I’m not opposed to doing so at a later date. Today, I’m here to talk about waiting for rewards in a world that celebrates the “right now.”

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This whole post starts with me reading A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness (Flow). I pre-ordered this book last year when I got my tax refund, just a little treat for me. Ten months later, I received my book in the mail as a wonderful surprise. Not only had I forgotten about it, it arrived earlier than planned. Talk about a bit of light in a dark time. I can tell you that this book arrived on the best possible day in the middle of a tough week, smashed into the middle of a rough month. I tried to read it several times since then but failed. It was too hopeful, too slow, and too mindful, if that’s possible. I didn’t have time or mental space to take on such a book.

Now, I do. And, again, I’m glad I waited. This book is not something to devour in one sitting. It is not something to cruise through or skip around. This book is about taking your time and smelling the roses of your life. Trust me, you have them, even if you don’t realize you do.  I forgot about my roses. Bogged down by work, trying to catch up on everything, and juggling more balls than one person should attempt, I just didn’t see a way to appreciate anything. How silly it sounds now.

Don’t get me wrong, just a few passages from one book is not enough to turn everything around. I spent the month of January digging myself out of a pit. This book simply reminded me to do more than dig out.

Anticipation and Waiting in an Impatient World

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you trying to find a way to appreciate more in your life? Me too. Consider our society, chock full of meetings and appointments and to-do lists growing faster than you can complete them. This is our world, two-day shipping, information on demand, text messages and FaceTime. We don’t wait for much these days.

But what if we did? What if we took the time to wait for something. What if we saved for something even though we didn’t have to? Or wrote a letter instead of sending a text or email? Think of the extra bit of care that goes into waiting – the anticipation.

Case in point, I recently got two bits of mail. Again, they could not have been timed better (thank you Selah and Todd!!) but they meant so much to me. One sender gave me a heads up to check my mail and I admit to eagerly awaiting the mail truck each day until I received my special little envelope.

Anticipation Waiting in an Impatient World

I’m not talking procrastination here, I do enough of that. This is different, this is making yourself wait to increase the emotional reward of something wonderful. Surely there is science  behind it, but does it matter when the effects are clear? Anticipation builds, acting as an emotional boon. Wouldn’t you like a little more of that in your life? I sure would.

You better believe I’m looking for ways to wait. So what’ll it be for you? Vacation to a favorite spot? That special someone you’ve been dying to ask out? Maybe that new laptop you’d like to start a new project? The point is, there are LOTS of ways you can add a little anticipation into your life and a thousand reasons why you should. So, get it on, start waiting!



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